Bulkamid is a urethral bulking agent that is used to treat SUI. It is a smooth, water-based gel which remains in the body over time without causing reactions in the surrounding tissue. The Bulkamid procedure consists of 3-4 injections into the wall of the urethra (this is the tube that allows urine to leave the bladder). By adding additional volume to the wall of the urethra, it helps prevent urine from leaking out of the bladder during normal daily activities.

Many women opt for urethral bulking as a treatment for their SUI over invasive surgery because the procedure is minimally invasive, can be done under local anaesthetic, usually takes around 10-15 minutes and there is a short recovery time along with less risk of serious complications. See the important safety information for the full list of potential complications. Furthermore, having Bulkamid does not exclude you from pursuing other treatment options in the future.

Why Bulkamid?

Bulkamid is unique to other agents because the gel maintains its volume over time, meaning that most women see durable, long-lasting results.

The procedure itself only lasts around 10-15 minutes. The majority of women are able to resume normal daily activities within 24 hours.