Sexual health is a precarious concept that isn’t the same for any man or woman, so individualized treatments are necessary to address your particular concerns. Prestige Medical Group can treat many of the physical causes of sexual dysfunction with laser, PRP, and shockwave treatments. Contact our Santa Ana, Orange County, office online or over the phone to learn more.

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What factors are important for sexual health?

Sexual health differs for everyone and involves a positive experience, including various physical, emotional, and mental factors. Prestige Medical Group addresses some of the physical aspects of sexual health, such as:

  • Lubrication
  • Tone
  • Genital appearance
  • Arousal
  • Pleasure

These characteristics don’t come naturally for everyone. Certain body and life changes can alter these physical factors, causing discomfort or disinterest during sex.

What factors affect sexual health?

Men and women can both experience lack of arousal or climax, which impact their sexual health. Some of the factors that cause sexual dysfunction include:

  • Medication: antidepressant, high blood pressure, and hormone drugs that interfere with sexual function
  • Childbirth: childbirth alters hormone levels and vaginal birth changes pelvic floor tone and elasticity
  • Hormone changes: estrogen and testosterone levels affect genital health and sex drive
  • Aging: hormone decline and loss of muscle tone, which contribute to erectile dysfunction and vaginal atrophy

If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction, talk to Prestige Medical Group about the minimally invasive ways to treat the underlying cause of your condition.

What procedures improve sexual health?

Prestige Medical Group offers shockwave and PRP therapy for erectile dysfunction as well as vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty for female sexual health.

Shockwave and PRP therapy
Shockwave treatment involves sending low-intensity sound waves through the erectile tissue. PRP treatment involves injecting your own plasma, with concentrated growth factors, into the treatment area.

Together, the treatments encourage blood vessel growth, plaque removal, and new tissue regeneration. Men typically experience improved erectile function after one or both of the treatments. Women may choose PRP injections for G-spot amplification, and men may choose PRP injections for erectile dysfunction.

Vaginal rejuvenation
Prestige Medical Group uses the MonaLisa Touch procedure to improve vaginal tone and lubrication. The laser procedure takes minutes to perform with a small wand for lasting results.

Aging, childbirth, and injury can change the appearance of the labia. With designer laser procedures, Prestige Medical Group can sculpt the labia to your specifications. She can perform labia reduction to remove excess skin or enhancement to reconstruct the area, which can be done in-office without requiring general anesthesia.

Call the Santa Ana, California, office or click the “book now” button consider the options available for sexual health.