MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser for gynecologic use. It is embraced by hundreds of experts in female pelvic health and premier academic institutions.

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What Is MonaLisa Touch® Laser Treatment?

MonaLisa Touch® is a unique laser treatment designed to decrease the signs and symptoms of vaginitis that can often occur during pre- or post-menopause. It may even be able to help with symptoms that appear after childbirth. Common symptoms often associated with vaginitis or vaginal atrophy include burning, itching, discomfort during sexual intercourse, and excessive vaginal dryness. Without proper treatment, vaginal atrophy can become a chronic condition that continually affects a woman’s sex life for many years to come. The use of the MonaLisa Touch® technology helps to stimulate the production of collagen and improve the elasticity of the tissues.

How can the MonaLisa Touch Lase be used?

The MonaLisa Touch® system involves the use of a small wand that uses a small mirror to direct a laser into tissues inside the vagina. The wand is inserted into the vagina, and the laser is shot intermittently into tissues along the inside wall. The lasers go directly into the tissues, rejuvenating them and stimulating the production of collagen that is needed to help improve the texture and tone of the tissue. The technique is also beneficial when it comes to reducing vaginal dryness. Women who suffer from minor urinary incontinence may also reap the benefits of the technique. The lasers can actually firm and tone the tissues around the urethra that are often responsible for urine leakage.

What can I expect from the MonaLisa Touch procedure?

Many women who have had the procedure claim to have few, if any, side effects. Lasers are considered to be minimally invasive. Although the tissue is not incised or surgically cut, the laser does permeate the tissue, causing mild tenderness and a small amount of inflammation. While there are few side effects to speak of, slight discomfort and a small amount of vaginal discharge may be expected as with any other type of procedure that is performed within the vagina. The patient can expect to resume sexual activities within two to three weeks, depending on how intense the treatment happened to be. Call today to schedule your appointment or book directly online.