Mini arc suburethral sling

This is performed for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence or in conjunction with cystocele repair for prevention of that type of incontinence . Under general anesthesia, the patient is placed in the lithotomy position (with legs in stirrups). A small incision is made in the vagina under the urethra and a tunnel is created in which a small mesh hammock is then placed under the urethra. The vaginal tissue is closed with a stitch that will dissolve. It takes approximately 30minutes. When only this procedure is performed, without other surgeries, it is performed as an outpatient and you will be discharged to home with a catheter draining the bladder overnight. You will be instructed on how to remove the catheter and will do so the morning after the surgery. There is no prep for the procedure. For 6 weeks post op you will be asked to have no straining, no lifting over 20 pounds and no sex or tampons in the vagina. Most women feel back to normal after approximately 1 week.