Stress incontinence, also known as stress urinary incontinence, is the unintentional loss or leakage of urine with stress or strain. This can occur when there is physical movement or activity present, such as when you sneeze, cough, run, or lift a heavy object. Anything that puts pressure on the bladder can cause the loss or leakage of urine. Due to the delay in the contraction of the bladder muscles, which is usually associated with a sense of urgency, patients with stress incontinence cannot easily “hold it in.”

Stress incontinence can put a damper on one’s social, sex, and work life. One may feel as though they are limited to doing their favorite activities or choose that their condition will take control over their life.

What are the causes?

Over time, either as you age or once you have children, muscles and tissues that are used to support the bladder weaken. Normally, you can contract the urge before reaching the restroom. However, with urinary incontinence, the stress that is being put on becomes too much to bear, thus causing a leak.

Do I have options for treatment?

Fortunately, Prestige Medical Group has your back. MonaLisa Touch, a minimally invasive, unique laser treatment, is designed to help individuals decrease their signs and symptoms of vaginitis and stress incontinence that can occur pre- or post-menopause.

How does it work?

The MonaLisa Touch system involves using a small wand with a mirror attachment to direct a laser into the tissues inside the vagina. The wand is inserted into the vagina, permitting the lasers to go directly into the tissues and rejuvenate them by stimulating collagen. This helps improve the texture and tone of the tissue. As far as helping urinary incontinence, the lasers will be used to firm and tone the tissues around the urethra that are often the culprit for leakage.

But wait, there’s more.

Soon, our office will be installing the Emsella Chair, also sometimes referred to as “The Kegel Throne.” The BTL Emsella is used to help strengthen and tighten the pelvic muscles by using electromagnetic energy technology. This chair is designed to engage all the muscles at once, which essentially forces your body to perform 12,0000 kegels all while sitting comfortably for 30 minutes!

There are, of course, other treatments available that can be discussed if you choose to schedule a consultation. Physical therapy, as well as other surgeries, can be used to decrease your symptoms.

So don’t let stress incontinence interfere with doing the things you love. If you are ready to regain your life back, call our office at 949-339-1341, or request an appointment online.

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